Hi! I am Diane Talbot, and I am addicted to learning about words. I am a full-time tutor for kids and teens who learn differently. I work with kids who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and autism spectrum, as well as gifted and talented and 2e kids.

I am Certified Orton Gillingham Dyslexia Practitioner (certified through ALTA, AOG, and CERI) and a licensed Special Education Teacher and Reading Specialist. I am fascinated with etymology, morphology and all things word related, so I study and take Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) classes extensively and have been creating products that align with my OG practice of multisensory, brain-based, systematic, and explicit instruction, but also use the linguistic inquiry process to study what words mean and how they connect to morphological and etymological relatives.

I am here to share with teachers and tutors—especially those rooted in OG how to incorporate word study into your practice. Together, we can take the best of both methods be diagnostic and prescriptive in teaching to our student’s needs and interests.