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Get the <struct> Study Guide, printable activities, and interactive google slides together for one low price!



Get the <struct> Study Guide, printable activities, and interactive google slides together for one low price! This bundle includes:

<struct> Study Guide

This study guide is meant to be used by the instructor to tell the “story” of the word construct and to have the knowledge to help students who want to go further. This document will give you the confidence to allow curious students to explore, because you’ll be able to find the answers here. This a good beginner study because the word is common and there are not changes in the morphemes when spelling the finished words.

It is also a blueprint for how I conduct a thorough word investigation, to give you a model for conducting your own.

This guide connects to and lines up with OG instruction with an OG links section so you can know that this word study is a good fit for your student’s needs and abilities.

<struct> Printable Activities

Includes morpheme and word cards, a student notebooks page, and over a dozen ideas and instructions for using the materials.

<struct> Interactive Google Slides

Includes word sorting, matrix and word building, morpheme blending slides and illustrated sentences to read.

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  1. neansai

    I’ve toyed with SWI for the last year. I just couldn’t get it to work with OG for my client. Diane has created a product that isn’t a “cookie cutter” format for a lesson plan. It’s a jumping off point with a parachute. Enough information to have right at hand, with enough explanation for it to make sense and be easy to implement. The quotes are so appropriate and will help when I use these with an adult client because they aren’t childish. The interactive Google slides are perfect for these days of virtual learning. The hands-on activities are just what some of my more active clients need. Diane’s videos show how to get the most out of these. This material is truly what I have been searching for!

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